Thursday, May 22, 2008


After much ado, here it is the BIG cheesy metal free smile!!!!

I still can't believe it but yes they are OUT!

Sorry it took so long to upload a pic but it's been a very busy day. I did get my retainers today as well. They gave me the standard 'Hawley' type retainers that I would only have to wear at night. But...they are a pain to get in, even the OD had some trouble. So...they are also making me the clear 'invisalign' type retainers as well. They said they don't give those to everyone only because they have a tendency to wear out over time (especially if you grind/clench your teeth at night). But they are easier to get on and off. But, they said they still should last me a few years and I always would have my other type as a backup. Plus, you can always have new ones made down the road.

Wow...eating is great. No food stuck all over the place getting caught on wires. My tongue still thinks the brackets are there sometimes and tries to do the ol' 'let's see what's caught over here' thing!

And there was much much less staining from my French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffees!! Only a little in between my two front teeth. The OD said that's nothing the dentist can't get rid of. Whew!

Wow, I'm gonna say it!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

countdown to extinction...

so, today was the first step in getting my braces taken off! they took the back bands off and took impressions for my retainers. i've had a band removed before because the dentist needed to check the tooth out once for some reason. it wasn't that bad, some crunching of the cement but nothing this brace face pro couldn't handle! then, the impressions. again, this was my 4th or 5th time getting impressions done. no sweat.

i can feel the smoothness of my back molars which is very exciting! they are rough cuz there is still some cement stuck on there. next week when the rest of them come off she will use the 'sander' to get it off.

something i did notice before i had the impressions done...i have some major coffee stains on my teeth where the wire was! i brush with the sonicare, rinse with listerine and once and a while use the little straight 'pipe cleaner' type brushes in between. but i guess they are no match for Dunkin Donuts french vanilla! I guess that was the price of being a bleary eyed sleep deprived college student for 4 years! I'll just buy some over the counter whiteners for when they come off...i'm hoping that will do the trick!!

Next stop, debracing on the 22nd!! ...but first i gotta finish finals week! :P