Thursday, November 29, 2007

time flies...NEW PICS!

i just realized how long it's been since I've posted a pic. whoops. i was looking back at the pics that i've posted since i'm trying really hard to procrastinate on my homework right now. i guess my bite has changed a lot even since the surgery! so i actually took a new pic of my bite (told ya i really don't want to work on my homework!)

aren't extreme close ups great?!? Midlines are SOOO much better!

this one is back in September...midlines are much more off then

and don't forget the pre-surgical bite...YIKES!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All quiet on the occlusion front...

So nothing ground breaking as far as my orthodontic treatment. I went to an appointment about a week or so ago. It was just a quick look and a new elastic configuration. I have two 'boxes' starting on my canines and one diagonal elastic from a canine on my right side to a molar in the back. At least I got bumped to the 'not so strong' elastics this time for the 'boxes' anyways--the diagonal one is still the really strong ones!

I do see a little improvement with my midlines lining up but I'm really not too concerned with that. You really can't see my bottom teeth when I smile anyways! But my molars are meshing a lot better than before I started with the elastics.

My ortho said I'm still on track to get these things off 6 months after the surgery date which brings me to about the end of February. Hopefully that stays true but, then again I don't want them off before they are ready to. But I really can't wait to brush the entire surface of my teeth again!!! It's the small things ya know!!

I go to see my OS in the middle of December, which I have not seen since September!! I wonder what he'll say.....

My lower lip and middle of my chin still feel a bit stiff (just like the 'wax beard' that Erin explains!) and 'pins and needles feeling. But my front tooth has stopped with the weird spasm feeling thingy that was happening!! Yay!

I will have to update with some pics this week on a day where I actually sorta look presentable and not just like I'm running to class!! Till then...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

it's been a while....

since i wrote anything on here!! whoops. needless to say senior year of college is a ball breaker. so most if not all of my waking hours (which is alot lately-considering my average 4 hour a night sleep) is dedicated to being in school or doing work for it.

on the teeth-front, nothing dramatically different. i'm wearing my elastics faithfully...well all except yesterday. it was another 4 hour sleep the night before and i barely knew where i was when i woke up. i got ready for school, got my books and headed out the door. about 1/2 hour into my drive i noticed that i forgot to put my elastics on!! it almost felt like they were in but nope! oh well one day out of many is still a good track record.

my front right tooth is getting less sensitive as time goes on. once and a while when sipping hot coffee i get a real weird nerve spasm type thing happen. but lately it hasn't been doing it.

I go back to the orthodontist next week. I'm sure for a new configuration of elastics. i hope they don't tell me that have to replace 4 of the bands around my molars which were from my previous ortho. I hope the elastics did their job in pulling down my molars enough that they won't have to change them. they were also trying to get my midline to match up a bit more. i see that it has improved some but not totally. that's the least of my worries is such a minor detail at this point!

well loosing that weight in the summer from the surgery was no match for college and all that weight just came right back on!!! but i am determined to get rid of it once again before my husband comes home from overseas. it's a nice goal to have!!