Tuesday, November 6, 2007

it's been a while....

since i wrote anything on here!! whoops. needless to say senior year of college is a ball breaker. so most if not all of my waking hours (which is alot lately-considering my average 4 hour a night sleep) is dedicated to being in school or doing work for it.

on the teeth-front, nothing dramatically different. i'm wearing my elastics faithfully...well all except yesterday. it was another 4 hour sleep the night before and i barely knew where i was when i woke up. i got ready for school, got my books and headed out the door. about 1/2 hour into my drive i noticed that i forgot to put my elastics on!! it almost felt like they were in but nope! oh well one day out of many is still a good track record.

my front right tooth is getting less sensitive as time goes on. once and a while when sipping hot coffee i get a real weird nerve spasm type thing happen. but lately it hasn't been doing it.

I go back to the orthodontist next week. I'm sure for a new configuration of elastics. i hope they don't tell me that have to replace 4 of the bands around my molars which were from my previous ortho. I hope the elastics did their job in pulling down my molars enough that they won't have to change them. they were also trying to get my midline to match up a bit more. i see that it has improved some but not totally. that's the least of my worries really...it is such a minor detail at this point!

well loosing that weight in the summer from the surgery was no match for college and all that weight just came right back on!!! but i am determined to get rid of it once again before my husband comes home from overseas. it's a nice goal to have!!


Michelle said...

You just reminded me that I'm not wearing my elastic...ut oh. I haven't really seen much change from them, but I imagine they are doing something. So is your husband in Iraq? When is he coming home? Hope you are doing great!

amycq said...

yeah they are a pain huh. this time around they pop off so easy when i eat i must have swallowed a dozen by now!!

yeah my husband is deployed in iraq until early next year. it's tough without my 'partner in crime' but i've got two crazy cats and college to keep me occupied!!

Michelle said...

Yes, I have been popping here and there too, its pretty funny. Man, God Bless you and your husband for the sacrifice that you give, it is just amazing that there are people in this world who would give up so much to fight for our country. It will be so awesome when he gets home, I wish you strength to pass time and courage to get you through!