Thursday, November 29, 2007

time flies...NEW PICS!

i just realized how long it's been since I've posted a pic. whoops. i was looking back at the pics that i've posted since i'm trying really hard to procrastinate on my homework right now. i guess my bite has changed a lot even since the surgery! so i actually took a new pic of my bite (told ya i really don't want to work on my homework!)

aren't extreme close ups great?!? Midlines are SOOO much better!

this one is back in September...midlines are much more off then

and don't forget the pre-surgical bite...YIKES!


Chris K said...

Hey welcome back! I thought you'd given up on us. To answer your questions yes I have another surgery after the braces get a chance to clean things up a bit. Maxillary posterior impaction. For the most part yeah I'm happy with everything. I don't mind the gap so much. I kinda forget about it for the most part. I am however looking forward very much to chewing again. Soup is gettting old to say the least.

Kristy Clucas said...

wow those midlines and teeth are looking amazing. Thanks for the update, thought u had dissapeared there. Any word on when you are getting debraced? Seems you are so close as your teeth are looking fantastic!

amycq said...

hopefully (and i say this with caution...) they will be ready to come off by february. my ortho said 6 months after surgery is the normal timeframe allow the braces to tweak and stabilize everything.

I really can't wait. it's been 4 years since i've been able to feel teeth against my lips and not metal!!

Michelle said...

WOWZER...It looks great. I am currently trying to get my midlines together. I have a very similar bite to your Sept pic (with a little gap though) Glad to see you posted an update! Your teeth look great!!

Erin said...

Wow, that's awesome!!

-Tony- said...

WOW! I haven't been bold enough to post bite shots, maybe next time.

Amazing work on your smile!