Thursday, May 22, 2008


After much ado, here it is the BIG cheesy metal free smile!!!!

I still can't believe it but yes they are OUT!

Sorry it took so long to upload a pic but it's been a very busy day. I did get my retainers today as well. They gave me the standard 'Hawley' type retainers that I would only have to wear at night. But...they are a pain to get in, even the OD had some trouble. So...they are also making me the clear 'invisalign' type retainers as well. They said they don't give those to everyone only because they have a tendency to wear out over time (especially if you grind/clench your teeth at night). But they are easier to get on and off. But, they said they still should last me a few years and I always would have my other type as a backup. Plus, you can always have new ones made down the road.

Wow...eating is great. No food stuck all over the place getting caught on wires. My tongue still thinks the brackets are there sometimes and tries to do the ol' 'let's see what's caught over here' thing!

And there was much much less staining from my French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffees!! Only a little in between my two front teeth. The OD said that's nothing the dentist can't get rid of. Whew!

Wow, I'm gonna say it!!!!


Tara said...

WOW, you look great!!! Congrats on getting those braces off! When do you get the clear retainers? That's funny that your doctor said they are easier to get off. The first time I took them off it took me almost 30 minutes! I eventually had to use a paperclip to pry them off. After a few days, they were easy. Good luck, and you look great! I don't see ANY staining in the picture. I was SO afraid of that too (gotta have my DD coffee. I have one sitting in front of me right now!)

Kiwikaren said...

Fantastic! Your bite/smile looks amazing ... congratulations! :-)

Good luck with your retainers and enjoy your new freedom!

Michelle said...

You look fabulous!! Congratulations!!

Leah said...

you look beautiful! congrats!!!

Orthodontics blog said...

That cheesy smile does look amazing ;)

Congratulations for this all, it's looking perfect.

Diogo Ueno said...!

I'm so greatful that I found your blog!

I saw the pics that you posted before surgery, and although I think you didn't look bad, in this picture you look just fantastic! What a perfect smile, really!

Hopefully I'll have the same luck!

Jaw Surgery Brandon said...

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Dr. Foob said...

Amy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your blog. I am 1 week postop, and I had a lot of questions about what to expect as far as swelling and experience, and your blog was "right on!" I even was wondering why in the heck my upper lip and nose was peeling, and seeing your post was helpful. From Andrea Z, Seattle, Lefort 1 survivor :)

Timothy said...

That's great! I'm so happy for you, Amycq! When, I was a teen I used to wear braces and I'm glad that I did coz' now I’m so proud of my teeth. Well, I also have to thank my St Petersburg dentist, coz he takes good care of my teeth and he taught me a lot of dental care tips. I feel so blessed that we moved here a couple of years ago coz the
dentist (St Petersburg based) here is truly reliable and friendly too.

I truly am mesmerized by your smile, Amycq! Thanks for sharing your photo with us.