Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Still Going...

So, still going with the elastics. I don't see my ortho until October 16th so I'm just keepin on keepin on till then. My front right tooth is being a pain...literally. Whenever I eat or drink something hot I get this like nerve spasm thing that happens. Not every time but enough that I'm not surprised when it does. I don't know if it's just the nerve freakin out or something wrong. I mentioned it last ortho visit but they didn't seem too concerned. Of course, they don't have to feel it either!!! Well, when I go back I will bring it up again. I definitely feel more of a pulling sensation on the right side where the elastics are then the left when I open my mouth. Is it just that this side is more sensitive at the moment or has more feeling then the other side??? I dunno. My teeth are more sensitive on my right side when I chew on food and I still get a clicking sound when I try to chew on my left side...but that has improved I guess, especially when I concentrate on chewing up and down and not side to side like a cow how I used to!!!

Ugh. I'm tired of these elastics. It's like trying to land the space shuttle when I eat with a fork...if you don't enter at the exact angle, time and area...it's all over (my lap usually).

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Michelle said...

Hope the space shuttle is landing...hehe That was funny. I totally remember trying to use the fork and trying not to hit my teeth. LOL