Friday, March 7, 2008

i don't even ask anymore

yes, I'm still here, braces and all. I just went to the orthodontist last Tuesday. It was another quick visit, changed my upper chain and sent me on my way. But, this time one of my teeth actually started to rotate because the chain elastic came off of it. I hadn't noticed, except that that tooth became sensitive just that week. Oh well, so the chain went back on all of them.

My teeth move really really quickly and easily. Which is good, but bad at the same time. I really have to be diligent with wearing my elastics so they can 'set' into place. But I swear my midline can move from when I put all my elastics on at night to when I wake up! So I'm nervous that when these braces actually come off that my teeth will start to move all over the place! The ortho mentioned it will be a few more treatments and then I will be fitted for a retainer. I asked what type she was thinking of, and would I need that permanent retainer of a little piece of wire bonded to the back of my teeth like some have. She said that may be an option since my teeth like to move! So next visit we will be discussing the options.

At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I don't even ask anymore when I'm going to reach it. I figure it will happen when it's ready to. I would have really liked them to be off by the time I graduate in May but, I'm not going to rush it.

It's been almost 4 1/2 years with what's another month or two??? :/


Wired Lady said...

you're almost there! you definitely have the right attitude...what's another month?!

Michelle said...

4 1/2 years... omg! That's a long long time. So you're right, whats another month or two.
Good luck to you and hopefully you'll get that date soon. I can't wait to see the after photo's!

Grace said...

Yikes! I was depressed last spring b/c I had braces for a year last March/April and wasn't ready for surgery. I'm on my second year and I had my surgery 2.5 weeks ago and the pain just got worse yesterday, but gosh, 4.5 years?

I was hoping I could have my braces off by this fall when I go to law school...maybe I shouldn't hope so much b/c I remember how many delays and postponements and issues got me here...I thought that I was going to have surgery last April, and last November, and last December. And then in January, then early March, then late March, and finally had it April 3rd this year.

A few months more is a small price to pay for perfectly functional teeth and bite. :)