Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and going....

So, school has started up again and things have been pretty hectic as usual. I just had another ortho appointment last week. They finally changed the top wire to a smaller gauge and did some adjustments to get my top teeth more level with each other. Really, at this point the OD says everything looks great, the elastics did their job (still have to wear them though!) and now it's just minor tweaking until they can come off. I've really given up asking when that will happen because it always changes! But I'm hopeful that they will be off within months.

As far as recovery from the surgery I still have some areas of 'sensitivity' (the pins and needles feel to the touch) around my chin, parts of my gums are not quite 100% in all their feeling, and the right side of the roof of my mouth feels like I drank something too hot and lost feeling! I told this to the ortho and she called it 'para-something-something' but that it is normal. My surgeon did say it could take up to a year for all feeling to come back and there is a change parts may never come back. But, the way I see it even if nothing changes from here on out, I'm ok with it because the positives outway the negatives.

So, with that nothing really out of the ordinary...still plugging along, braces and all!!

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