Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ortho Appointment--Still going...

So I had a quick ortho appointment this morning which I almost forgot about (thank goodness they make the courtesy call a day before!). Nothing earth shattering. But...I only have to wear the two 'box' shaped elastics at night!! Yay! I still have to wear the one diagonal elastic 24/7 but it's an improvement!! She said the box elastics did their thing so I just wear them to maintain it. Next month they will remove the heavy wire on my top braces (which have not been changed since the surgery) since we'll be past the 6 month mark of keeping the top braces intact while everything settled in, which the OS wanted. Then it will be tweaking time. My two front teeth are a bit in a 'V' shape which I believe is causing the twinges I get when drinking something too hot or cold--which have only been happening after they replace bands on the top brackets. So I think it's the pressure and metal flexing with the hot and cold that make the bottom edges really rub together and cause a jolt of a twinge up my tooth...of course this is my own speculation but, I told my Ortho this and she said that really may be the reason.

Next month they will replace the top wire with a thinner one which they will put some bends in to get the two front teeth out of the slight 'V' and more "||", then some more tweaking with leveling the teeth and then I can get these braces OFF!! I didn't want to push it by asking when she thought that could happen cuz I know these things depend on my teeth cooperating. But, I'm hoping by May they can be out. That would be awesome! But, again...I've got to wait and see.

I'm a bit scared when they come off...I am a coffee drinker so I know there are stains that I try to remove but just don't have the leverage to really remove it with the wires in the way. Oh well, worst comes to worst I'll try some OTC whiteners!!

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Michelle said...

Just read your whole blog, thanks for all of the useful information. I had SARPE back in June and plan to have a Lefort I on March 24th. I hope my recovery goes as well as yours. You haven't posted in a while, hopefully your husband has returned and you are spending some much needed time with him! You're the first blog I have read from New England. I'm from N.H. Got to love this weather we've been having, I'm so sick of snow!! I hope things are going well and your debracing date comes soon. Take care!!