Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back in Books

So, I'm back to school. I had one class yesterday but only knew a few people in it. But today, I got to see my entire senior class. I got many a mention, or a look like 'you look different somehow...' My close friends knew what I was going through during the summer but wanted to see it in person. They noticed the difference...even the small stuff I wouldn't think anyone would!! yay!

As for my teeth, my teeth are calming down with the occasional zing! My mouth does get a bit sore with all the smiling, laughing and talking now that I'm around people all day long!! But with my 45 minute commute I relax the mouth and take it easy.

I've found myself clenching my teeth sometimes right as I'm waking up. I used to do this before the surgery as well. I do catch myself and tell my brain to tell my mouth to knock it off. Maybe that's why some teeth are sore!?

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Erin said...

Sounds like things are pretty good! For the first couple of weeks after splint removal, my lips would start aching from talking/smiling. They still do, but not to the same extent.

I don't know why this helps but when they do this, I squeeze them. It feels good. Lip massage!

I take a low dose of a muscle relaxer every night to prevent clenching so I don't do more damage to my jaw joints. I've been doing that for about a year. That's been helpful, but I also have arthritis in my jaws and disc damage, so... yeah. That's fun.