Thursday, September 20, 2007

Elastics are Fun

Yikes! It's been a week since I've posted anything new! Sorry, but school is putting the beating on me this semester. I had to do 100 different sketches of logo designs as well as 50 different resume layouts. That's just for ONE class I have 2 others!! ugh! But, I can't forget about this either!

Well, I'm getting more and more used to the elastics. The teeth they are connected to aren't screaming anymore!! I do get that 'heartbeat' throb like right around my front teeth area. I'm sure it's just due to elastics and healing and braces...etc., etc. Eating is difficult with the elastics in. Sometimes when I put the fork into my mouth I catch one of the elastics and get stuck!! It's very embarrassing when it happens around other people!! For lunch at school (if I was lazy and didn't pack a lunch) I get either soup or a tuna fish sandwich and eat it with a knife and a fork. Yeah I get some strange looks from my classmates but all I have to say is "I had jaw surgery this summer" and they immediately understand why!!

Chewing is a bit weird. I do favor eating on my right side. When I try to eat on my left my jaw starts to click. I'm not sure if I'm moving my jaw off to the side (and not up and down) when I chew on that side or not. You see, before the surgery, the only way I could chew food was to move my jaw over then bite down. I must be unconsciously trying to do the same thing now. But only on the left side. Maybe I'll look in the mirror next time to see. I don't see the orthodontist again until October 16th. So, I have to keep up with my elastics till then. It is hard to change them at lunch...we don't have much time to eat let alone switch elastics!! But I change them every morning and night.

I'll try to post new photos tomorrow. I was going to the other day then noticed my batteries were dead! whoops! The swelling has come down more but...still hanging on a little!! The left side of my chin is the only place that is not quite 100% feeling back, it still like that pins and needles feeling when I touch it. My gums are taking a bit longer to get all the feeling back too. Some spots it's back, some they're not. The surgeon said that would take a bit longer to get back. It's kinda funny when you drink something hot and only feel it in certain areas and not others!!! Oh well such is life post-op!


Kristy Clucas said...

wow you are lucky most feeling is back...i have almost no feeling on my gums above my upper teeth from my previous upper jaw surgery 12 years ago...hopefully it wont be the same this time around with upper/lower/chin, man wouldnt that be weird, no feeling in any of those areas.....sounds like you are healing very nicely though!!!

Erin said...

Ohhh yeah. The elastics are just lovely. ;) But, they certainly do their job pretty well. Annoying little buggers.

I'm jealous of your lack of numbness!! Mine's actually pretty good except for my chin. Bits of my lip. My nose feels weird but it's not numb. My cheeks don't feel completely right, but I know they are headed that way. Come on chin, quit feeling weird!