Friday, July 27, 2007

First Dr Visit with pics! what a day!

Post-Op 1 week!
My first post-op OS visit was today. I was a little hesitant...i know i've been babying my face but I'm sure Dr B wasn't gonna as much as I did! But, things went well. I got there and right away they wisked me into one of the exam rooms. They took a panaramic x-ray then Dr B took a look around. I can't really feel my upper lip and bottom of the nose 100% yet, so someone moving it around felt SO strange! He asked me to bite down and i told him how i wasn't really sure where to bite down! So, with some help i found it and he added...3 elastics (yes the triangle form!) from my top brackets to my bottom ones to keep my jaw in line. One is right in the middle of my two front teeth then one a couple of teeth to the left and right of it. They are not so bad. I can still open my mouth fine but there's just more stuff in the way when I try to drink through my straw! At first my muscles felt really tense when he did it, but i guess they are just not used to being in that spot. I have to give them time to get used to it...but it already feels better than it did at first.

He said everything looks fine and the swelling went down alot! He said my lips really got a beating during surgery. I have a small mouth so he had to do alot of stretching. He said he did a similar surgery on Wednesday and it took 2 hours shorter just because she had a bigger mouth!!! I said "sorry"!

It was nice to be out and about. We actually stopped by one of my husband's co-workers that was moving into base housing. I just wanted to drive by to see where they were gonna be but to our surprise they were there. Chris asked if i wanted to stop or just wave. But, i felt fine and i know they already knew what i went through so i wouldn't have any scary looks! My first encounter with outsiders! Being outside gave me a burst of normalcy and confidence that i won't be locked away in my tower forever!

Oh to those who were splint covers the roof of my mouth, the back of my teeth and wraps around the bottom of my top teeth enough to lock them in place. I wish just the back of my teeth were just covered like some of you!!! It really is like putting a huge piece of taffy on the roof of your mouth and teeth!!

Well, that's about it for now. Chris just went out to go grocery shopping...he getting me some ice-cream! yum!!


Aimee said...

Looking good! How does it feel to look at your new face?

amycq said...

i'm still suspending judgement cuz i'm still pretty swollen but i love how it's going!

i actually have another profile pic that was too wierd for me to put up...i thought i looked sooo not like me! was it just that pic or was that really me?? strange!

Mrs. Shanton said...

Hello, beautiful! YOU look so different! I'm really impressed! All that puffiness will be gone before you know it (though it just makes you look younger). WOW!

amycq said...

thanks so much! i already have the curse of looking way too young for my age so hopefully that won't get worse!! haha!

But, yeah it does feel like my face will never go down to normal. I notice myself staring at people's mouths on tv and thinking 'ahh, they talk so effortlessly...and!!' But i'll get there once again I know! I just gotta stay away from the Food Network for now! I get so jealous.