Monday, July 30, 2007

First Public Debut

So me and Chris went out to CVS today out in PUBLIC!! I couldn't tell if anyone looked at me funny, I was trying not to make eye contact!! But it felt good to be out except for all the tourist traffic! I even blowdried my hair for the occasion...ok not all the way but at least part of it. I feel fine minus the swelling. Just a little bit off-balance because my ears feel clogged like having a head cold.

Another milestone too...I finally got to semi brush my teeth! Ok so I can't quite brush them with a toothbrush but I used one of those little pipe cleaner looking things. Proxabrush I think they are called. I got to all the teeth I could between the elastics, splint and braces...oh my! But even just the little bit I got to, felt so good! Then I rinsed with diluted Peroxyl since I can finally close my lips...most of the way, I still drool some out when swishing! What a sight huh!

I had another thought too as we were driving today. So, in a 1,000 years from now some archeologist might dig up my bones and see all these little metal screws and plates! What will they think?! I guess they'll find alot of people with metal parts. Just a random thought...they happen alot to me. Chris has gotten used to the 'out of nowhere' things that come out of my mouth!

Well gotta go see what I can blenderize for dinner. Oh yeah only one more penicillin pill to take!! Thank god...those things taste nasty when crushed! yuk!!


Erin said...

I was taking Keflex but I just took my last dose yesterday. It's liquid form and pink and yummy! It's like candy. Why didn't your doctor give you your medicines in liquid form?

My teeth are feeling icky, but on the inside, where I can't reach!

Good job for going out in public! I know it's weird but I bet it felt good to get out!

Ugh, I have the stuffy head/ears feeling. It's not throwing me off balance but every time I swallow, my right ear kinda pops and sounds are muffled. I took Sudafed but it only helped a little. All this stuff feels locked up in my sinuses. I wonder what's going to happen to it!

Michelle said...

OMG...The crushed penicillin just gave me chills....yuk, Erin's sounds much better. You look great! Wishing you a speedy recovery...God Bless

amycq said...

Yeah I guess my OS thought since I wasn't banded shut I would be okay to take a pill. But, it proved to difficult to maneuvre with the splint and now elastics so...crushing was easier. Plus he said the painkiller was hard to get in liquid form so I'd have to wait for it--that was not an option for me!! But actually that one didn't taste as bad!