Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting Warmer!

T-10 days.

I'm feeling a bit less anxious about going in for surgery. I have some great support from family and friends...plus a cousin who is in the surgical "biz" who always puts my mind at ease. Just as a side note for all you other ortho goers...she told me how expensive the plates and screws are that are used in the rigid fixation. She told me one tiny screw is worth $1100!! Finally, all that money we pay for insurance actually pays us!

I did buy some more supplies and all my appointments are scheduled and ready. I picked up some Tylenol (extra strength, easy to swallow pills), Afrin spray and Baby Vicks (it smelled much better!) oh and the Zip N Squeeze pack came in. I was having trouble with their online ordering and I could not get anyone over the phone. I found another vendor selling them for the same price so I ordered the Hospital Pack that came in yesterday!

I have my final pre-op visit with the Oral Surgeon (OS) today. I wrote down a bunch of questions which I'm sure he already answered before. But, I'm sure I just forgot over the months/years! Here are some of the questions:

* With the 2 Piece LeFort I, should I expect a gap between my two front teeth right after surgery?

*Will I be banded shut? (I thought he said no last time...I really gotta write this stuff down)

*How should I clean my teeth? A rinse, then what kind? (I saw the Perxoyl rinse at the store but I wanted to wait to see what they recommend)

*Approximately how long will the splint be in for?

*Are there any foods/drinks that I should stay away from post-op? (Obviously alcohol, but I would think caffeine or carbonated drinks as well??)

Ok, I got my list of questions and ready for more bite impressions this afternoon. My husband is coming with me this time so he can hear and see what to expect as well. Plus, he'll get to experience the plastic skull with all the rubberbanded parts that the OS uses to explain the process! yum!


Roopak Majmudar said...

Good to hear you're getting warmed up and prepared. I had the same problem of not being able to remember things.

Since you're having the same ordeal I had, I'm going to answer your questions and we'll see how different surgeons treat patients differently:

1. I had no gap after my surgery, so no.

2. Banded with elastics, but you can still open and close your mouth quite freely.

3. It will be a prescribed mouthwash that can't be purchased over the counter. I can't remember what mine was called anymore and I threw out the prescription for it.

4. 5 weeks. But sometimes they lie. Don't believe them!

5. I never actually asked this but I stayed away from caffeine for 2 weeks. Alcohol for about 4 weeks.

Erin said...

These are good questions! I am going to make my list of questions now and you gave me good ideas. It's funny -- people ask me questions about my surgery and I just say, "I don't know yet!" Well, I'll find out more next Tuesday.

I can't believe how expensive that stuff is! Funny story: I had arm surgery a few years ago and they put in a plate that had 7 screws that went through it (and through my bone). Well, about a year later, I got it taken out and all of the screws were a different size. It seriously looked like they had a toolbox and just pulled out random screws! I kept it all in the baggy they put in it for me. It's funny to think that stuff was once in my arm. It was big, too!