Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Feeling Unprepared

OK, so lately I've been searching the webwaves looking for other personal blogs for people that have gone through similar ordeals. First, I had no idea there was so many out there!! But, now I feel really, really unprepared. I haven't gotten anything to get ready for my surgery. I don't know if I'm procrastinating on purpose or what but..I gotta get my butt in gear!

OK so far this is what I know I need to get:

Tylenol -- I only have Advil and on my pre-op paperwork is says not to take them within a week of surgery.

Ensure -- I know I like the Vanilla kind from when I had my wisdom teeth out (10 years ago!!!).

Zip n' Squeeze -- I may be too late but I was having issues trying to order online. (?)

What I've gotten done so far:

Netflix Queue -- that's totally updated with all the movies I want to see

Amazon -- I ordered two new books to read.

The couch -- Gotten used to the idea that's where I'll be for a while

I think I need a good list...and actually get everything on it done before the 20th!!


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Roopak Majmudar said...

Don't worry about being unprepared. As long as you have someone to look after you post-surgery you'll be fine - they can always run around and get the things you need.

You're also one step ahead of where I was before my surgery and I survived. I figured out the Ortho-blogosphere 9 days post-op and had to battle through the toughest times on my own.

Btw, I had a 2-piece Lefort surgery too (6.5 weeks ago). Is your surgeon putting a splint in your mouth? I found that to be the biggest annoyance of it all. If you want to read about my experiences wander over to