Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Batteries, Blood and Bites

So I went to get my pre-op blood tests done this morning at the hospital. First of all the day just didn't start out so great, I get into my car and the battery is completely dead. Great. Thank god my husband only works 5 minutes away. He came back to get me so I could use his car. But that's one more thing I gotta get done! Anyway, the nurses at the hospital were very cool and understood how I tend to get chatty when having blood drawn. I can't look or think about it or I get creeped out. At least I don't faint. I remember people dropping out everywhere in basic training when we had to have blood drawn and then a series of air injected shots. fun! But, now everything is all set at the hospital for the 20th. I have to call the day before to confirm the time they want me in at. No eating or drinking after midnight the night before and I have to shower using some anti-bacterial liquid soap stuff from the neck down the night before or morning of the surgery (regular face wash and shampoo though--they don't want you using that stuff on your face because it could irritate your eyes. I think I'm gonna take the shower in the morning...who knows when I'll be able enough to take one again! Get this, one of the nurses was about to put me into pediatrics before she looked at my date of birth again and said "you really don't look 29!!" which I responded "yeah it's a blessing and a curse." So now my only other appointment before surgery is with my orthodontist on the 17th getting the surgical hook/loop thingys put on.

So here's how the OS visit went yesterday. He did a wax impression of my 'supposed to be' bite (that's what I call it when I don't correct it). Then he did 2 (yes 2) sets of molds using the tray filled with that goopy nastiness stuff. For those of you who haven't had the lovely experience it is a goopy material that expands and then sets around your teeth (and roof of your mouth) that is in a tray that is shaped like the top and bottom of your mouth. Then they yank it (literally) out of your mouth after 2 minutes...that's if the suction it creates breaks free alright. Man, you really have to focus on breathing when they do the top tray, it really feels like you are going to choke on that stuff, especially when it starts to expand in the back of your mouth. Then when they are done you've got all this white gunky stuff all over your face, neck it even got in my hair! They took some mug shots of me and did some other measuring for the surgery then we sat with the doctor and went over any questions. So I pulled out my handy list and fired away. Here's the answers I got:

Q.With the 2 Piece LeFort I, should I expect a gap between my two front teeth right after surgery?
A. There may be a slight gap but no, he's expanding the back not the front.

Q. Will I be banded shut? (I thought he said no last time...I really gotta write this stuff down)

A. Nope!! Not even with elastics! I will have the splint in but will be able to open my mouth freely (that's probably only until the orthodontist wants to put some on!)

Q. How should I clean my teeth? A rinse, then what kind? (I saw the Perxoyl rinse at the store but I wanted to wait to see what they recommend)

A. Since I won't be banded shut, I can brush my teeth gently but I still couldn't get to the ones covered by the splint. The Perxoyl over the counter rinse will work just fine. (I already picked up a toddler sized extra soft toothbrush)

Q. Approximately how long will the splint be in for?

A. Hard to tell, approximately 4-6 weeks. I will be seeing him every week after the surgery for a while though so he can monitor the recovery.

Q. Are there any foods/drinks that I should stay away from post-op? (Obviously alcohol, but I would think caffeine or carbonated drinks as well??)

A. Aside from the liquid diet for a while, I could have anything. If that caffeine craving hits me it's ok to have a cup--I'm thinking Iced Coffee since I won't be able to feel much and don't want to get burned!

Well I think I wrote enough for now! If I think of anything else I'll write! Now to call the dealership about that battery...


Erin said...

yay, you're my surgery buddy. :) I'm seeing my surgeon Tuesday and will get details of my stuff then. Wow, so you won't even be banded? Are you having top only, bottom only, or both?

Eeeeeeeek, things are getting pretty exciting huh?! I'm excited.

amycq said...

Hey erin,
I am having the upper LeFort but only a genio on the bottom. I believe when it was supposed to be both upper and lower I was going to be banded. But not now!

I'm excited but having a minor heart attack at the same time with anxiety!! I just want it over and start the recovery process!!

Do ya think he could just knock me now and wake up after it's all done??? That way I won't have to think about it so much!!

Let us know how it goes for you on Tuesday!