Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post-Op Day 4--ugh

I'm home! The surgery went well...as far as the doctor says that is--i have no idea what went on. Me, my husband Chris and my dad all got to the hospital at 6:15, I got changed and sent to the pre-op waiting area in no time. That's when the crying started. I couldn't help it but i couldn't hold it in either. Plus there was a little girl about 4 yrs old getting admitted when i was. She was changing into her hospital gown with her grandma in the changing stall next to mine crying saying 'i want my underwear back, i wanna go home. i'm scared.' Well, i lost it right there--she hit the nail on the head! Then they put the IV in, took stats and asked a bunch of questions. They let Chris and my dad be with me right until i had to go in. But the anethesiologist (spelling?) assistant saw me having meltdowns and decided to give me a little something before i actually got wheeled in. i remember telling chris how i saw all the ceiling tiles moving around, then just being in another room, someone looking over me smiling and being cold. The next thing i knew i was in the post-op area and Dr. Bravman calling my name to wake me up. Then off to my room. I was in a room by myself in the new part of the hospital which was really nice! I had a nice flat screen tv, there was a chair and sofa that pulled out to a bed and a small desk in the room as well.

I thought i'd be more scared just being in the hosptial (i do not like them to begin with) but i did feel safe knowing the nurses were all checking up on me and i had them to ask all my paranoid questions to! I had an IV in giving me fluids and my meds, they also had a catheder in me so i didn't have to get up to pee! I thought i wouldn't like that but it was great not having to get up to pee all the time! I didn't get sick but did feel nauseous a few times--i had to get an x-ray later that day and felt sick and getting used to the pain meds. But the nurse gave me a shot in the butt and no more feeling sick for me! I got released Saturday and left about 7pm.

Home is nice but i do have to go upstairs to go to the bathroom which stinks but at least it gets me up and moving around. It's hard to sleep for a long time so i end up taking 2-3 hour naps all throughout the day. When I take the pain meds it makes me sleepy as well. We've had to crush up the meds and put in juice for me to take. Dr B said getting liquid doses would take longer for the pharmacy and i did not want to wait for pain meds!

I'm very swollen and can now only barely touch my lips together. So, i drool...ALOT! I had my chin taped up until yesterday which pushed all the swelling up into my cheeks. It was also pushing my lower jaw back which strained my jaw muscles. It's a bit better now that it's off. I can breathe fine...sometimes my nose gets a little stuffed up or only one nostril will work! I am not banded so it leaves me a little more freedom. I eat with the Zip n Squeeze which is tough but SO much easier than the syringes they gave me in the hosptial. The hardest thing is the pressure. I get some little zings of pain in my chin or face but mostly it's an extreme feeling of pressure from my eyes down to my chin that bothers the most. And the fact that my breath stinks and i cant really get in there to clean yet! I feel bad but I can't do much about that yet. I cant keep my lips together even to swish some antiseptic or anything yet!! Chris is a very patient and loving husband to put up with me all day and night!!

Well, i'm gonna go now...the pressure is coming back so i think i'll call my nurse (aka chris) for my meds now.

Thank you all SO much for your emails, text, voice and cards of love and support (i even got flowers!!!)!! It is so appreciated...just to get my mind off everything for that chance little bit helps so much! :))


Aimee said...

Welcome Home, Amy!! You and Erin are my heroes right now. :-) Brave girls!

Brandyleigh35 said...

Congrats Amy, you are now a post surgery survivor! You sound like you are doing pretty well which is great! and that your husband is taking good care of you.

You are already through day 4, just a few more and things will start to turn around quickly.

Glad your able to eat, that will make a huge difference in your recovery. Cooled and thinned cream of wheat is great in those bags and really filling and easy to eat. Be sure and drink lots of fluids too!

I'll be checking in on you! Take Care!


Chris K said...

Welcome home Amy. Plenty of rest and you'll be good as new. Hang in!


Tara said...

Congrats Amy. Glad that you are home. Now get plenty of rest and heal up quickly!

Erin said...

The pressure! I think that's what I've got going on too. That must be normal. But the pain from the eyes down...ooh yeah. The numbness is weird. I didn't even know if my lips were back together but they are. They're numb. Along with most of my chin. It's weird though because I'll get this itch and then not be able to scratch it!

I've been home for a little more then 24 hours now and I can definitely say I've gotten better since getting home. I've gotten better every day. I'm sure you have too. But it can be hard to notice that at times!

Oh, I understand what you mean about the catheter. I was so tired and couldn't walk steadily (I was such a mess in the hospital) and having to pee would've been just one more thing.

Can you see your teeth? With all my swelling and the splint and everything, it's really hard for me to tell what's going on in there. I'm just trying to have a LOT of faith in my doctor right now.

Well we are soon 5 days post-op and I hear it starts getting better soon.