Friday, July 6, 2007

It took some digging but I found pics of me throughout these past 5 years without braces, with clear braces, then with the current metal braces. Here we go...

This picture was in 2002 at the Barnes Air National Guard Air Show. This was me pre-braces. Wow...looks so strange. Don't mind the military bangs and pudginess...I just got out of 6 months of basic training and tech school--Air Force food packs on the pounds! Ugh...I really hate pics of myself. It was a long hot day.

Here's another that's from Halloween 2002, again pre-braces. This one gives a better shot of my face all prettied up. You can really see the gummy smile here.

Here's December 2004 with my ceramic braces on top and metal on the bottom...oh yeah and my perfectly straight-teethed husband (not fair)!! At this point the braces had been on a year! ...I can't seem to find any pics from 2003...hmmm must have been hiding from cameras.

And lastly, a funny face pic of me last year in 2006. I am exaggerating the gumminess of my smile but I think I did that unconsciously. I had to take funny-face pics of me for a digital imaging class I was taking that semester. I guess I knew what already looked funny about me so I showed it off!!

...So there it is. I will be taking some front and side profile shots before the surgery. You don't always get to see yourself from the side profile (and thank god to that for those with no chins like's scary) so I want it clearly documented before it changes!


Erin said...

It's fun to look at progress pictures. Your teeth look very straight now. So what are they doing in your surgery? (Eep, did you already tell me this in my blog?)

So our big day is in two weeks! Aaaghhh! Exciting but wow, I can't believe it's so close.

Michelle said...

Welcome to the Ortho world...its really interesting to watch the change that we fellow orthogians (new word) go through. Man..2 weeks out, you must be getting ansy.. You are going to be sooo happy though very soon. You will be looking back on this day, thinking that it went by so fast. GoodLuck to you, I look forward to seeing the "NEW YOU".

Erin said...

Hey Amy,

I think you said you were having trouble ordering the Zip N Squeeze? Well I just placed an order today, but I did it over the phone (because they said it's faster than ordering online).

Just call 714-997-7146. They're really nice. I should be getting all of my stuff by the end of this week. (They are in California so I could just get regular priority mail.) They look like a much better way to go than the whole syringe thing.