Monday, July 16, 2007

monday, monday...

T-4 days.'s that close. I am starting to feel the "bring it on" attitude the OS was talking about a month back. I'm a very nervous person and thought I would be a basketcase this week. But I'm not. Sure, I get the 'what the hell am I doing!' feeling every now and know just like the one you get as you're climbing the first hill of a roller coaster. But I'm ready, ready for the beginning of the end. No more jaw aches after talking all day, no more headaches, no more picking food out after eating, no more lips getting caught on those little antenna thingys, no more brushing with something used for dentures, no more braces, no more metalmouth!!!! ugh.

Well I bought a few more supplies today and I will finish up the list by tomorrow. I broke down and bought a Waterpik from Amazon. I thought I could muddle my way through the splint without having to buy one but, the more I thought about it...the more I wanted one. My OS suggested it for cleaning around and about my teeth when the splint is on. Plus, even after I'm done with recovery they say it's as good or better than flossing which I can't stand doing. It has 10 different pressure levels so I can be gentle on the teeth for a while. I also bought a neck pillow. I figured since I'd be sleeping on my reclining couch a soft neck pillow would make it more comfortable. Lastly, I bought two 24 packs of Ensure from BJ's. One chocolate, one vanilla. If I don't drink all of them before moving onto a semi-solid diet, I can totally use them once I go back to school in Sept. There will not be many soft options to eat there.

Tomorrow I get to see Dr. Markovich my orthodontist to get the surgical hooks put on. FUN! I wonder how much more annoying eating is after those are on! But I kinda like going to the ortho office. They are all as excited as I am about the surgery!

All in all I had a great weekend (my brother and his girlfriend make the trek to the Cape from New Jersey--our first house guests!) and a nice day of shopping today. The rest of the week is packed full of errands and appointments as well as my dad coming up to be here for the surgery. I promise to take some pics after tomorrow's appointment and the mug shots too!



Erin said...

Yes, 4 days!! Agh! I have a nervous feeling but not a feeling of dread. I also have the "bring it!" feeling. I keep saying that if I could do it tomorrow, I'm ready.

Well, my kitchen is not yet ready. I am not stocked up on my stuff. I am going to take care of that on Thursday. I have that day off so buying stuff might be a good distraction.

Tara said...

WOW, only 4 days! How exciting. I wish I was only 4 days away. I have to wait until October. But the surgical hooks aren't that bad. For some unknown reason to me, my ortho put them on last time I was there. He was hoping that my surgery was going to be in August, but still, why did he put them on so early? I have NO idea. They aren't that bad though. But I am going to ask him to take them off next time I am there since it's just one more place for food to get stuck. Good luck, and can't wait to see the before pictures and the soon to be after pictures!

amycq said...

hey tara,
yeah it wasn't that bad (i posted pics on a new post). Some tenderness but nothing a veteran braces wearer can't handle! Don't give took me 3 1/2 years to get here. I wanted to give up many times but remembered that all that previous time and money would be wasted if i did. You're almost there! Your date will come up quickly!