Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I should be able to pick up cable soon...

I had my last orthodontist visit today before the surgery. They put on the surgical hooks (more like tiny antennas!) which wasn't too bad. A few times i cringed as they crimped it down on the wire. A few of my back molars on the right side are tender and it's hard getting my top lip over some of them without looking like i'm blowing imaginary kisses in the air but, other then that it was fine. It took about 45 minutes to get them all on plus replacing the little rubber bands that go around each bracket with individual wires. (you can see them on the pic) It's getting real, especially when people ask me when is the surgery and now I say FRIDAY! yikes. still nervous.
You can see in the second pic how much I move my jaw to the side just so I can get more than 2 teeth to chew with. If I do the trick the OS taught me (put your tongue all the way back on the roof of your mouth then bite down) my midlines match up but I only have 2 molars that make contact. Definitely not enough to bite or chew anything!

I bought some food stuff for next week but I'm really getting very creative with it. I bought some tomato soup, cream of broccoli and mushroom (which i can blend totally smooth) and even chicken broth. I also got a thing of V8 juice blends. The kind with fruit cuz I can't stand straight V8!

I tooks some pics of what I got so far... Here is my food/entertaiment stuff: Blender, soup, Vitamin Waters, Ensure, music, Netflix, 24 season 2 and 3 and two books (Macbeth and one on Mythology--yes I'm a big nerd). Oh yeah and of course one of my cats--Jasmine...she just can't stand not being in the middle of everything!

Then for medical or not so fun stuff I got: a neck pillow for sleeping on the recliner couch, 2 ice/hot packs, Afrin nasal spray, Colace (cuz the nurse recommended it saying that the narcotics make you constipated--great!), Tylenol Extra Strength Easy to Swallow pills, Baby Vicks, baby spoons (since it might be hard to open my mouth all the way for a while), baby Dr. Seuss extra soft toothbrush, Hibiclens (the hospital gave me to wash with the night before or day of surgery) and the Zip N Squeeze bags. I did forget to buy the Peroxyl stuff...again. Oh well I've got two more full days left.

I definitely need some Ben & Jerry's to get me through this week...


Anonymous said...

hi Amy, read your blog. good explaining. I will e-mail you a recipe for a great smoothy that Lisa made while she was here. Love you and you will do just great I know it in my heart. I gave Uncle Bill and Aunt Josie your phone number. You will be in my prayers and my thoughts on Friday.
I love you bunches.
Aunt Laura

Erin said...

Amy, we're so close! (EEEK!) That's a scream of excitement though, too.

Should I invest in some Vicks? What will it help with? I definitely need to get some nose spray. Hey, don't forget to get lip stuff! Your lips are going to be very dry and chapped. Stuff that comes out of a tube is better than any stick form. I like Carmex in the tube and I also just bought Neosporin LT (lip treatment).

I'm getting my hooks tomorrow afternoon. Now I know exactly what to expect! Wow, those are a lot of hooks. I have the ceramic brackets so this should look interesting... I will take pictures too. You've inspired me.

2 days!!

amycq said...

Oh right lip stuff! I think we have enough chap stick and balms for a 6 person family around here! I have the Burt's Bee's stick, Neosporin LT and various chapstick brands around the house. But I will add it to my supply 'pile'!

I got the Vicks because I thought it might be soothing for trying to go to sleep as well as opening up nasal passages. I got the Baby Vicks because it wasn't as strong and had lavender and rosemary scents in it as well which are supposed to soothe and comfort.

Do you think we'll have to invest in a drool cup as well!! :)