Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Toothbrushes and "24"--Day 11

So nothing spectacular today...but I was able to brush my teeth, with a real toothbrush! Well, ok it's a Dr. Seuss toddler's toothbrush but so what! It works! Things feel good, I'm getting more feeling back into my upper lip which is sweet! It's a pins and needles feeling but I can feel it! The swelling is slowly going down. If you draw a straight line from right under your eyes down to your chin that's where most of the swelling is still concentrated...and some still in my lips.

I still can't tell exactly what my face will look like because of the swelling...and I don't want to make any judgements yet but, I can't help but sneek looks and think "wow, I have a chin! how cool!!" So I'm pleased so far!

That's about it...me and Chris are having a "24" tv series marathon today and being lazy. I still have to remind myself to drink more. I've never been good at drinking enough water or anything during the day. But I know it will just help me get better. I can sort of drink from a cup but it's a bit messy so I'm still sticking with the zip n' squeeze. It's just much easier!

I see the oral surgeon on Friday so hopefully I'll get good news and maybe get cleared for semi-solid foods. (I'm crossing my fingers Erin!!)


Lauren said...

Hello -
Sounds like you are doing great! It's such a long process but each day gets better.
I just found out today that my braces will start to be removed on September 5th way ahead of the original December date. I'm so happy! They will be off 4 months after surgery!
Take it easy and drink lots of fluid. Be cautious on the amount of sudafed you take. My dr. had me on so much of it that it caused my heart rate to be effected and could have possibly caused my 2nd surgery complication.
Take care!

Aimee said...

Hi Amy...we're all out here waiting for more pictures. :)

How are you feeling?

amycq said...

I'm feeling good...still feeling swollen and tingly!

Lauren--my doctor didn't have me take any Sudafed. He prescribed some nasal spray but told me only to use it twice a day for 5 days or I could have worse problems. I didn't really need it all that much. I just put up with the stuffy head feeling!

Aimee--sorry...I was figuring I would take pics each week but...i'll see what i can do!! :))