Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pics Day 12

Pics!! yay! My smile looks a little painful but really it's not! Just swollen ya know!

Today me and Chris stopped by his work which is my squadron too, to say Hi to everyone. My first debut with friends! There is a girl at work who went through almost the exact same surgery who I really wanted to see. She caught us while we were walking in and was thrilled with the way I looked. It's nice to hear that from someone who went through the same thing!! She was like 'Oh you have a chin now too!!' I got some mixed reactions, all glad to see I was up and around but some like 'I thought you'd look so much worse...Can you talk at all?...I don't want to make you laugh!...Does it hurt?...That gives me the creeps!...That's alot of machinery you got going on in there!...When will you be back to normal?' That last question is hard to answer...what normal do you mean?? I just tell them it works in stages but it could be almost a year for some to get 100% back to normal. I guess they just mean when can I eat and talk normal again! We then headed off to BJ's for more water, Vitamin Waters and such. I did buy some applesauce in hopes that my OS will clear me for some semi-solid foods this Friday. A girl can hope right!?

Has anyone had this problem? My facial skin just in the middle area (nose, mouth and cheeks) is's oily but yet it's peeling like it's really dry. I don't know if it's just from being swollen or my skin is even trying to get back to normal...weird.


Grace said...

I had the LeFort 1 and the BSSO (Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy of the mandible) two weeks ago and my profile def. looks better. I was originally supposed to have the genioplasty as well, but I wasn't so sure about it earlier, while in the braces stages, and the doctors omitted it entirely. I have a feeling that maybe b/c I have TMJ problems (which started this whole thing when I was 11) and had a joint operation when I was 14 so they thought less is better for me, pain-wise.
I'm 24 now, and it's really weird seeing a different face in the mirror. Yesterday, I noticed that I've begun to look human again, and while my face is still puffy, it's more different than I had expected.

Since you've had the LeFort surgery too, did you ever feel like bubbles moving through the bones when you were lying down or hearing creaky noises when you pushed your tongue against the roof of your mouth? I hope these aren't signs of malfunction so early on!

Grace said...

oh, and yeah, my face is oily and flaky at the same time. I thought it was b/c my face was about twice it's normal size when I emerged from anesthesia. Kinda like a snake shedding skin.
I attributed the oiliness to the constant application of Vaseline lip treatment to my swollen lips and nose (a little wounded from the breathing tube during a 10-hour surgery). But it's all getting better.

One other thing is that my mom thinks my lips got smaller. I used to have small but very full lips and she thinks it's flatter. I hope once the swelling goes down and the braces come off it'll resume its original shape and size.