Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why always on the weekends??

Well this morning after brushing my teeth...I tried to put the center elastic back on. my surprise the surgical hook slid over to the side and the elastic slid between the wire! What!! I looked and I guess the hook came loose and is able to slide over to the left exposing the wire which has a gap in it. Was the wire always in 2 pieces? Was the surgical hook crimped on to connect the two ends of the wire?? I dunno. So I left the center rubber band off for now. The hook isn't loose enough to come off, so there is stays. I'll be calling the OS office in the morning to find out what to do and who to see...ortho or him? yikes!

I just hope they can understand me over the phone... :))


Erin said...

They probably cut the wire into segments during the surgery (my guess). My ortho couldn't tell if they had done that to mine. Good luck.

amycq said...

Oh yeah...good thinking!! Good, now I don't feel like I broke it! I never broke anything on my braces...and I didn't want to start now!

At least it got me out of wearing the center elastic for a day!