Saturday, August 18, 2007

Eating with an Audience

Whoo-hoo my first restaurant outing!! Yes I finally went out to eat for the first time in 4 weeks! We were out doing some shopping and decided to stop to eat. Yikes, what am I gonna eat I thought. If worse came to worse I could just ask for a plate of mashed potatoes! But I didn't have to. I got baked scrod and mashed potatoes...loaded mashed with cheese, bacon bits and chives!! It felt good to be able to use a real fork and order off a menu! Of course it takes me a long time to eat now but's better for digestion right!?! I sat in the inside of the booth so I didn't have as big of an audience watching me eat!

My chin feels sooo much better today. I get some tinges of pain if I move my bottom lip a certain way or just for no reason. But a tinge of pain is better than complete numbness! Getting feeling back on the inside of my upper lip is great too but also comes with feeling all those surgical hook antennae poking me again!! I'll be glad when they are off! My poor mouth, it's been through a lot. It needs a vaca.


Patrick Fliss said...

Wow, aren't you lucky... I've been watching these commercials on tv right now for these mouth-watering dinners and I've CRAVING real food. However, I'm only on day 5 right now, so I still have a long way to go!

I'm glad to hear you're getting some feeling back in your lips. The day after my surgery I honostly thought he had wrecked a nerve, but now I notice that certain feelings are coming back and my nose is fully sensitive again!

Hang in there and don't overwork that jaw!


-Tony- said...

Hey - (just catching up on your work)

I remember my 1st time out. I was so hungry for something else besides soup. I loved the fried fish, I flicked off the crust.