Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tea Time!

Sorry I missed yesterday...there was a wicked thunderstorm that rolled by us. I had to unplug everything!

Well we went grocery shopping to find some new ideas for no chew foods. I didn't want to get sick of what I was eating so far! Some of the new things I bought are the packaged noodle/rice side dishes, meatballs and lasagna. All of these things I figured I could cut/smoosh up to be able to eat them. Last night we made lasanga!! YUM! Ok, so it took me a while to get through eating 2 pieces but so worth it! Maybe this whole experience will get me to eat slower or maybe less? Nahh, probably not!! I love food!

Everyday more feeling is coming back into my nose, upper lip and chin. It's hard to tell if any of my teeth are getting feeling back or if it's just the bone above my teeth...but all I know is when I push up on my splint with my tongue in certain spots, I can feel it...some spots I cannot.

Drinking from a cup is still proving difficult. I can do it but it doesn't feel nice (top lip is still tight and tingly) and I dribble alot! I just can't quite get my top lip to connect fully with the cup rim. So I drool. But, that didn't stop me from having a cup of Green Tea with Mint. I missed it so much! I just made sure I had my old standby available...the drool bib!

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Chris K said...

Amy youre looking great! i get back in the states tomorrow but got some free internet at the hostel and wanted you and erin to know im checking up on you. muy bueno! ¿que no!?