Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shopping and Storing Nuts

I went shopping on my own today!! I needed to get outta the house, needed a few things and it was a beautiful day out so away I went. I picked up some more Peroxyl (well the CVS brand-they were out of the other stuff) and I thought I'd try the Crest Pro-Health alcohol free rinse as well. I'm really paranoid about my dental hygiene since I know I can't get into all the grooves and stuff like I wished I could. I miss my Sonicare! Then I ran some more errands.

I don't think I got as many weird looks as I did before. (I'm blending, I'm blending!!) Well all except when the cashier asks me a question...then I get the inquisitive look. I had to stop in Petco to pick up cat food and the cashier asks if I had a Petco card. I do but I just switched wallets and not sure where it went. After searching I said "Hmpf, I guess not". Then she asked "If you spell your last name I can look it up for you". Well...first of all my name is hyphenated so half the time I'm not sure which last name it's under. Second, my maiden name has 9 letters. I didn't feel like trying to spell that one out to find that it's under my married name. So I said "No it's ok". I think she saw all the machinery going on in my mouth and said "Don't worry I'll just use mine to get you 10 dollars off". "Cool, thanx!" I guess it does pay to have all the stuff going on in my mouth!!

Even though I get semi-normal looks from others, I'm still paranoid about what I look like. I guess because this is how I feel I look:

At least it's a cute look...


Aimee said...

I'm sure you look adorable .. chipmunk cheeks and all. :-)

Erin said...

I love squirrels and chipmunks!

My recommendation would be to take a notepad out with you. That's how I've ordered my dinner two nights in a row now. ;)