Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 15

Every day things are feeling better. It's exciting every day to see what more I can feel or what area went down in swelling. Today I'm feeling tingling in my left upper lip which is cool cuz I couldn't feel anything there yesterday. The right side has that stinging/needling feel when I touch it. But at least I can feel it!

Eating is rewarding but tough. I tried to eat pastina today (for those who don't know they are tiny star shaped pasta usually put in soups) but that proved very, very messy! They got caught everywhere in my mouth and all over me! So I ate as much as I could then switched to applesauce with cinnamon--much easier!!

My jaw muscles are getting more and more used to being where they are. Where it used to feel tight and stiff on my right side now feels nice and relaxed!! I'm sure opening and closing to eat helps stretch them.

Well that's about it...just a lazy Saturday at home doing laundry and reorganizing our CD collection! But I'm means I'm getting back to my old routine. :))

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