Friday, August 10, 2007

Week 3-New Pics

Week 3 and going strong!

I visited my OS today for my weekly appointment. He said things are looking great! He even removed the other two elastics! He said they were just needed to get me used to my new bite and now that my jaw likes being there, he can take off the other two. I'm free! Ok...well, besides the huge splint! He pushed back our next visit until 2 weeks from now instead of one. It still feels so creepy/wierd/unnerving when he's moving my lips around to see everything. It's like my nerves go on hyper drive with the pins and needles.

He also said the splint will be out at 6 weeks which is 3 weeks from now...right before I start fall semester! But he did say I might have a retainer/palate thingy in there afterwards for a while. All I wanted to know was
"Is it as bulky as this splint?"
"Thank god!"

The swelling is down alot but I still have some pockets in my cheeks and my upper lip/right below my nose that is still a little puffy. But, I know, I know...I can feel it which makes it easy for me to see!!

That's about it for today. At home again watching movies and curling up on the couch since it's only 59 degrees and August...gotta love New England!!


Aimee said...

You are looking so great! Thanks for posting the pictures.

I had no idea it wasn't sunny and warm all over the U.S. How naive am I? :) I guess I should appreciate this California sunshine. A little rain would be nice now and then though.

amycq said...

Yes, New England is fickle with her weather. It was just about 90 degrees here the other day. Now it says...57 degrees! Don't worry, we have a saying in New England: If you don't like the weather, wait 15'll change!


Erin said...

Woo, looking good! And your smile is a lot bigger than you think it is.

My swelling isn't going anywhere at the moment. It's bugging me.

I am very lucky because I live in the bay area of California where we have pretty mild weather year-round. Today it's probably around 75. I have a nice breeze coming in through my window. No crazy temperature fluctuations (I'm from the midwest so I know how crappy those are!). I get sick a lot less since moving to CA and I think it's because the weather is so stable!

amycq said...

Yeah, I have some stubborn swelling that just won't go down! I think what bothers me more is how I can't maneuver my top lip like I want to so drinking from a cup is still a strange and slow experience. Plus when I talk I think it looks funny!! It just feels tight and half numb!

My cousin just moved to San Fran...I forget which part now. She went from living in NYC to SF so, needless to say it took some adjusting for her!!

Yeah we are kinda sick of the cold, dead, hibernation period that is winter up north! But it's almost like a right of passage up here!!

allison said...