Friday, August 31, 2007

Week 6 - New Pics!

So I found some batteries that still worked and took some new pics of Week 6. The splint is out, my lips are happy to meet each other and talking is supremely easier!


Erin said...

Yeah, looking good! I'm curious to see your bite though if you can get any big cheesy smiles taken. :D

Patrick said...

Yeah Amy, You'd never guess you had surgery anymore. You look great! I also like your killer bangs :-)Your splint sounds a lot different than mine. Mine just covers my teeth. It sounds like yours covered some of your palate as well. Well, "she" did her job and that's all that counts!

Grace said...

ya know, I've been leaving messages as I read your blogs as "Grace" and noticed that I do indeed have a google account.

But thanks for tracking your progress so well!!! I haven't and I've been encouraged to keep on the good wait for the great results!