Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another day another movie...

Nothing groundbreaking here at home. Today was cloudy, foggy, damp and just boring! So...I stayed in and did nothing...again.

Things are about the same. I'm feeling more of my chin than I was along with some tingling in my upper lip. And of course along with the itches that I can't scratch! I'll take some pics soon...I didn't do my hair at all today and I don't want to scare anyone!

I see the OS on Friday, wicked early! They must have alot of patients that day. I had my husband call to cancel a dentist checkup I had scheduled for the end of August. Don't think I'll be making that one!! It was scheduled before I even knew the surgery was going to happen this summer. whoops. I'll have to reschedule when I know I'm cleared to go.

During my movie watching as of late, I stumbled upon a new found empathy for a character of a small boy who just wanted to eat some Halloween candy....

poor Willy Wonka...I feel your pain.


Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Amy,
I had to laugh reading your post. You said "wicked" a true east coast word. I still use it but frequently get strange looks from others as its not a common word in Alaska.

I'm originally from Mass (all my relatives live there) and my plan is to go back there for a few weeks next summer. We will for sure be going to cape cod. We had a cottage on the beach there one summer when I was about 5 and I love the beach there. I was looking at condo rentals (man are they expensive now.)

Is there a military base in Cape cod? Maybe I could stay on base in base housing?

Sounds like you are getting to that point where you just want to be better as the days start to drag on...I have seen that boy you pictured in a movie before! I understand exactly how he feels, and how you feel too! The limited eating is tough. It does get better though. I was able to eat a sandwich tonight. Biting into it and everything! Was the highlight of my day! LOL...


amycq said...

Yeah "wicked" is a dead give away that you live in Mass! I grew up in Pennsylvania and I never heard it till I moved up here!

The Cape is nice for vacation...I'm not sure I really like living here though. It's tough when everything is geared toward vacationers, the really rich or retired (which we are none of). But the beaches are beautiful.

I live on base here with my husband. There are a few names for it: Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR), Otis Air National Guard Base and Cape Cod Air Station. It's not your regular base. There is active duty Coast Guard, a few active duty Air Force, then Air and Army National Guards. There is billeting (it isn't the greatest but it's cheap). Are you or someone in your family in the military? Me and my husband are both in the Air National Guard-he does it as his full-time job as well; I do it only as a part-timer.

Ooooo sandwiches! I remember when I had my braces first put on, I thought I'd never get to eat a sandwich again! But eventually I did. So I know it will all go back to normal over time but...ugh I'm so impatient! I think once this splint gets taken out I'll feel better too!

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Amy,
Thanks for the info. Yes my husband is retired Air Force, my oldest boy is in Intelligence in the AF, and my middle one just graduated from the marine academy. So of military! LOL..

Not me though, and my baby he is going to college, has no desire to go the military route.

The sandwich was good, tonight I'm going to try and tackle a polish sausage! LOL.... mostly just to see if I can do it.

I agree, things will improve for you tremendously once the splint gets removed. It will be a totally different ball game them!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I came across your post searching for the key words "Otis + Air National Guard." I am considering transfering to the Mass Air National Guard from Ohio... My reasoning, I already used the ANG for my bachelors, but rumor is the Mass ANG will pay for another 4 years through your Doctorates.

Was wondering if you could give me some feedback to your experience with the Mass ANG/Otis? How long have you been with them? Tight-knit unit or not so much?

Your comments already posted were helpful!


Phil S.