Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tongue Tied?

Another non-eventful day....having alot of those lately. I had to wait around the house today because the housing office had to do their yearly inspection. It lasted all of 4 minutes!! Pretty much they just wanna make sure you're not tearing the place apart.

Last night and today the area right under my bottom jaw has become very sensitive when I touch a bruise. It kinda hurts when I swallow but it's not in my throat. It's like my tongue pushes against it from the inside. Does that make any sense??? :) I'm sure this splint doesn't help either cuz my tongue can't quite go where it's supposed to! It's cramped up in there!!

Well the cats are tearing this place apart cuz they wanna eat dinner so I better go!


Aimee said...

When do you get your split out?

amycq said...

Nope, it's not out yet. Hopefully in another 2 weeks. He usually keeps it in for 6 weeks total. Then I might have another retainer type thing in for i'm not sure how long! I guess it's the more safe than sorry approach?

I'm kinda used to it now though...