Monday, August 27, 2007

Splint Removal Update

I was actually out and about this weekend so I didn't have a chance to post anything. I saw many of my co-guardsmen this weekend and got alot of favorable comments! Mostly the comments were 'yeah I can really see a difference in your profile' or 'you don't look that swollen to me!' or 'was it worth it' and mostly 'what can you eat?!' It was nice to see everyone again!

Today my orthodontist called me about removing my splint!! My OS called to ask if she felt ok with taking it off since he would be on vacation. So the OD called me to say they would also be on vacation next week. But...if it was bothering me she could squeeze me in this Thursday and take it out. That would put me right the 6 week mark, which is how long my OS wants the splint in for. So I said, no it doesn't hurt me but...I am starting school back up and it would be nice not to have it in and lisping and slurring all my words trying to talk to my new professors!!

So Thursday at 12:40 I go to get it removed and new wires and stuff put in. To be honest I'm a bit scared. I don't know what's going on under that ginormous thing. What if I want it back on!! I guess it kinda my security blanket now.

Maybe I should name it...Matilda.


Erin said...

After 6 weeks, your bones are well on their way to being healed. I'm sure you'll be totally fine. And I think you will LOVE not having it in your mouth. :)

Patrick said...

Matilda? That's hilarious!
I agree with Erin- It's great that you have been able to keep the splint in for that long. I know what you mean by "security blanket". I'm kind of attached to the big stupid thing too, just because I think my teeth are going to ache when it's removed. I wonder if it will feel like when your archwires are removed, you know what I mean? It kind of feels like your teeth are loose...

I'm sure you'll be fine though. After a day you should be feeling back to your normal self.

Erin said...

Well I saw my surgeon's fellow today (who assisted with my surgery) and he said things are looking just as they should and I've been splint-free for 2 weeks (and only had it in for a little under 4 weeks). Amy, you're gonna be great. And you'll get to see your teeth and that's really fun. :)

amycq said...

thanks so much guys for the encouragement! Today is the day! yikes! :))