Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back to Bed

Well last night I finally slept in my own bed again since the surgery. I've been sleeping on our reclining sofa since then since it propped me up at night. But, I kept waking up with neck, back (and butt) aches in the morning. I'm no spring chicken anymore! So...I gathered all my pillows together and made a sleeping ramp on my bed. Worked out well! I put a little TV tray next to my bed to put all my 'stuff' on it like tissues, water, chapstick, tylenol (just in case), phone, etc... It felt a bit weird to look 'down' to see Chris sleeping next to me!!

Other than that, things are going well. I've had a lot of tingling and itchies all around my upper lip and nose the last day or so. It does drive me nuts to have an itch you can't scratch payed off. I can feel (when I say feel...I mean ever so slightly but much better than absolute numbness) my left side of my upper lip! Ta-dah!!

It's funny how sometimes I will try to use my old 'correcting' bite (usually when talking not eating) which veered off to the right and I end up hitting my teeth crown to crown with a wince and a quick correction. My mind is learning quick not to do that anymore!


Erin said...

I think I went back to sleep without elevating my head in less than a week. Oops, I'm bad!

Grace said...

I've been sleeping on a 'ramp' since I've been home. It's uncomfortable, tho, and I still sleep with a teaspoon or so of liquid tylenol w/ codeine by my bed b/c I'm sure to wake up with pain and it numbs me enough to go back to sleep.

I have to go back to work next week and it will have been 2.5 weeks by next Tuesday. I don't know if I can do it, esp. b/c I have to wait on a cold elevated train platform in Chicago (it's not really spring yet here, in mid-April) and the scariest part is not walking to the station or waiting but standing in a car crammed with ppl head-to-head and swaying and jolting around. I'm afraid someone will fall right on my face and ruin all the great work and the pain that got me to where I am now.
I have to say it scares me. And I'm short enough that ppl ram their elbows in my face regularly on that train trying to catch themselves from falling.