Friday, August 3, 2007

I heart Food.

Met with Dr B again this morning. And YES I can eat no chew foods!! Here's how it went. I came into the exam room with all the people in the office so happy on how my swelling has gone down. Dr. B came right in and had me open and close a few times, checked out the suture areas and my profile. 'Looks great!' The elastics did help my jaw 'find' where it needed to be...and it likes it! I asked him about the lump along my jawline. He felt around and said there will be a slight 'step' there since that's where the bone was cut but that he didn't feel anything out of the ordinary and after time the bone will fill itself in.
'Good I'm normal' I thought.
With that he said do you have any more questions?
I said "!'
'How did I know that was coming?!' he said
'I'm Italian, you know I'm always thinking about food!'
And so I was permitted to eat a no-chew diet. So you know what that shopping! I have been thinking up things to eat all week! So me and Chris headed out to Stop n Shop. I got mashed potatoes (4 kinds), refried beans (one with green chilies!), pastina, yogurt, bananas, butternut squash, turkey gravy (for the mashed potatoes!), pumpkin filling (yum!), some more creamed soups and ice-cream. I'm psyched!! I rushed home and made 4-cheese mashed potatoes. I took out the middle elastic so I could get a spoon in there. Baby spoons work great, they are small enough to fit in my mouth! Eating was slow going but I didn't care. I was so happy to be eating real food again. I found the easiest way to eat was to take a spoonful, flip it upside down, put it in my mouth and use my tongue to scrape it off the spoon. The right side up way was tough since there's only a little feeling in my upper lip.

Ahhh...eating a bowl took about 45 minutes but it was SO worth it!! :))


Erin said...

Ooooh, gimme the recipe for 4 cheese mashed potatoes! Are they vegetarian friendly? Sounds really good!

I just made a "health shake" -- 1 extra protein Ensure, peanut butter, some Carnation Breakfast powder, and a little bit of vanilla ice cream. It was really good! Lots of protein.

amycq said...

Ok ya got me...they're instant!! But I'm sure if you melt some of that shredded cheese mix in a bag over some mashed potatoes it would be the same!

Ooooo that shake sounds good. I was thinking of a way to weasel some peanut butter into the mix!

I got some vegetarian refried beans which is good for some protein too! I'll just pretend it's in a burrito!

Lauren said...

Hi Amy -

Congrats on the food but beware keep the recipes coming because by the end of 6 weeks you are dying to chew! Although, it does take awhile for your muscles to regain the strength to do so but it's pretty quick! I posted pics today so take a look!

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Amy,
I had to laugh when I read your post about eating with the baby spoon. I did the exact same thing with flipping the spoon over and using my tongue. It was so much easier and the only way I would eat yogurt, applesauce, and just about anything that had a creamy, chunk free texture! It also took awhile, but man I didn't care as it tasted soo goood!

Glad you are doing so well and making progress in the eating dept. Hows your swelling coming?

amycq said...


The swelling is sticking around in on either side of my nose and my upper lip. I can tell it gets better each day but not as dramatic as before!

I'm getting pretty good at maneuvering that baby spoon around!