Monday, August 6, 2007

Leave it be...

So I called my OS this morning about my loose hook. To make a long story short, after two phone calls from me he said not to worry about it and just leave the center elastic off for now. Which kinda works out for me...without the center elastic I can open my mouth big enough to eat and get my teeny toothbrush in there. I will see him on Friday anyways for my weekly post-op visit.

I'm getting some 'zings' in my top front teeth. I guess that's kinda good (although they don't feel that great!) seeing that I'm feeling something is better than nothing!!

My swelling hasn't gone down dramatically like it was. It's still hanging around. But, it's mostly just concentrated in my upper lip and in my cheeks right next to the sides of my nose. I guess that's where most of the healing is happening.


Aimee said...

Hi Amy, glad to hear you are doing well and getting some feeling back.

I was wondering, since you nor Erin have really mentioned it, have you lost much weight since the surgery? My mom is concerned about me losing weight; I keep telling her I'll be fine. :)

amycq said...

I'm really not sure how much weight I've lost. I forgot to weigh myself beforehand...except for when I went for a pre-op physical at my doctor's. But we all know how different scales can vary! But I think I've lost about 7-8 pounds? I was quite piggish before the surgery since I knew I wouldn't be eating all that for a while! So I could stand to loose the weight anyways!

But if you are worried about loosing too much (i've never really had that problem in my life!!) they recommend you gain some weight before so then if you do loose some weight you would just go back down to your normal weight.

Mrs. Shanton said...

Zings are good! Zings are good!