Friday, August 24, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

So I just got back from my OS appointment. Everything checks out good...more than good, 'fantastic' as my OS puts it! He gave me the go-ahead to start the orthodontic 'tweaking'! So as for the splint can come off next week but...he's on vacation next week! That's timing for ya! But he did say he would call my orthodontist to see if she is comfortable taking the splint off (I guess you just clip the wires and that's it!) and if they can get me in next week (unless they too are on vacation!). I just would love to have it out before I return to school after Labor Day but, if I have to wait another be it! I've lived with it this long!!

He didn't mention the stitches coming out or the palatal/retainer (I'm guessing it's a TPA...but we'll have to wait and see) being put in yet. I always forget to ask about something and remember on my way home!! But I will be seeing him again in another 3 weeks. I'll be sure to write those things down now so I don't forget!


Erin said...

I wonder why a TPA was never brought up for my palate retention. If I have any trouble with my palate healing, I'm gonna have to kick some asses!

I hope you can get your splint out next week. If yours is like mine (sounds like it) it was just a few wire snips and it came right out.

Anonymous said...

I am also getting jaw surgery, but not very soon, i have a question, what doues it feel like when they connect you to the anesthesia and the IV?

amycq said...

He brought it up on my visit a few weeks ago, but didn't explain it past that. I was looking at the other Amy's blog on how she had a TPA and looked it up. It sounds like what he meant but I'm assuming right now. I wonder how they are gonna get that in there cuz I can't open all the way yet! I'm not sure how many others got a TPA (or similar thing) after widening? It just may be that my surgeon errs on the side of caution (big splint, on for 6 weeks...)?? I'm guessing. But it wouldn't hurt to ask the next time you see your OS or OD?

The IV just feels like a pin prick when they put it in. Some people feel a little burning when the meds start to flow but I really didn't. They put mine in my left hand, some get it in the crook of their arm, some other spots. It depends on how 'good' your veins are. They did have to change the IV needle once the day after surgery. I guess it was getting loose or something!

The anesthesia, well I barely remember! I sat in a waiting area for pre-op patients. I was getting very nervous and upset the more I thought about it. I met with the anesthesiologist and his assistant to answer some routine questions. When the time got closer to me going in I started crying and getting very nervous. The assistant came over and asked if I wanted a little something before I went in. I wasn't sure but then agreed. She gave me something (I'm not sure if it was vallium or something like that). Then I felt giggly and happy and I remember saying to my husband the ceiling tiles where moving! I thought it was so cool! Then it's fuzzy after that. I kinda remember being wheeled away, a face looking down at me (which I think was that same assistant) and being cold and shivering, then hearing my name being called and a "she's awake!". I'm not sure which of those happened after or before the surgery! When I was awake after I felt very tired and slept alot! I hope that helps! Lemme know if you have more questions I can help with!