Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't be a hero.

Today for some reason or another I feel more puffy and more pain then I have in a while. The pain is really concentrated around my chin area. It probably has to do with more feeling coming back therefore, now I can feel the pain. It's like a bruise kind of pain. When I move or touch it, it hurts, if I leave it alone I'm fine. A little Advil or Tylenol takes the edge off but for some reason I try to be a hero and bare it! Why I don't know, some type of self torture I guess! I am an artist...

I've noticed now that I'm home alone with only the cats to talk to, my face seems to get tight. So now I try to talk to myself and make some funny faces to give my face a stretch.

I also ran out and got some frozen peas. One of the nurses at the hospital said they are great to use instead of ice packs. Ice packs are too bulky and heavy to put on my upper lip and sides of my nose so I thought I'd give the peas a shot since they are small and can contour better to your face. I'm gonna put some into those ziplock snack size bags and see how it feels.


Erin said...

Happy 4-week!

I should've tried the frozen veggies. I actually do have some. I haven't iced in a few days but it always feels so good!

Hope you feel better soon!

Grace said...

The nurses told me the same thing, but I was ordered on warm, damp hot compresses once I got home to bring the swelling down. I still should be doing it, but I'm lazy and running to the microwave every 10 minutes get tiring.

like you at around week 2 or 3, I find that my left cheek is more swollen. I don't mind as long as I look even once everything settles down.
I think I've already regained most feeling in my upper lip (which the doctor said was where most ppl lost all feeling and could be slower in coming back). But my chin and lower lip are still tingly or non-existent.

btw, I noticed this was last fall...are you still checking this thing, and how are you now?
I'll be starting law school in the fall and I'm scared about coping away from ppl who can help me when I feel dizzy/weak or when I'm in lots of pain.