Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Karaoke in Slow-Mo

Well no big news the past 2 days. Actually I've been running around doing my 'back to school' shopping! Ok so it's not as fun as when I was a kid...mostly because I have to pay for all of it!

Feels like the swelling on my left side decided it wanted to budge because when I smile I don't feel as much resistance! I'm thinking I'm getting some feeling back in my top teeth as well. Mostly my front two teeth, but it is still difficult to tell with this huge splint in the way!!

Now that I'm getting used to eating and using 'big people' utensils again...I've found something else that is proving difficult....singing along to songs! Now I'm sure if I listened to mushy slow ballads I could keep up but I don't. It's really tough to keep up with the words!! My top lip just doesn't want to move that fast!! It's so funny...kinda sounds like a 4 yr old trying to sing along, always a few words behind! Oh well it's only me in the car, cracking myself up!!

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Erin said...

That's good practice though! I have found that with talking, I start out pretty good but my top lip feels really weird. After a while, it just tires out. I feel like I'm talking really weird sometimes, but people have told me they have a hard time telling! I swear my lips look different when I talk. But I also smile a lot more when I talk than I used to.

I get a lot of tickles, so I think that's a good sign.

I love school supplies. Office supplies. I am thinking of taking a class this fall just for fun. It's good to hear that you're getting out and stuff. It will help build up your stamina for school.