Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Home Again

Just another day here at the ranch...er, uh...base housing. Chris is back to work so I'm forced to make my own entertainment. What would I do without the internet...probably be more productive!

The swelling continues to go down in small, small amounts. Seems like my left cheek just can't seem to part with being swollen. When I smile I feel my left side being swollen a bit more then my right. All in good time...all in good time!

Alot of my stitches have been falling out lately...well the knots anyways! Kinda gross but I find them in the sink after brushing and rinsing. I'm not sure if they are from the top or bottom. I don't really have the guts to go investigating that thoroughly. Some stuff is just better unseen ya know!

I made a good breakfast discovery this morning: 2 mashed bananas, 2 dollops of plain yogurt, splash of vanilla extract, little bit of allspice and cinnamon and some brown sugar. YUM! Looks (and feels) like baby food but tastes really good! For lunch I had mashed sweet potato with some brown sugar and butter and chocolate and vanilla Jello pudding. I'm trying to get some more ideas on 'no chew' stuff to eat...if anyone has any ideas....thanks!


Mrs. Shanton said...

Oh, I forGOT about that! That was my absolute FAVORITE thing to eat when I was on soft foods--smashed bananas with vanilla yogurt spread on top. Mmmm! That sounds so good right now....

Grace said...

ooh...I want some of that now! I'm really feeling deflated about eating now, it's been exactly 2 weeks since my surgery and I've been home for 10 days and I'm getting sick of broth and strawberries and blueberries pureed into my Ensure.
At least the chocolate Ensure is still really good.

Do you blend the bananas or just mash them (or microwave for 30 secs to soften it?)