Thursday, July 26, 2007

I need a tic-tac...or twelve

Ahhh, a real night's sleep. Last night i actually slept for almost 7 hours straight! I still have funky the one where i had a wad of Laffy Taffy stuck to the roof of my mouth and i couldn't get it all out no matter how much i pulled out!!! (For those who haven't had the first hand experience--that's what having the splint in is like...a big piece of taffy shoved on the roof of your mouth and against your teeth!!)

I can sort of make my lips touch today but it's definitely a strain! But an improvment. I'm not sure where to bite though. Because my nose is stuffed up most of the time, i'm a mouth breather during the day! But my OS said my bite is where my bottom teeth feel like they 'click' into the splint. I think I found it but it feelt wierd when I do it! I guess that's cuz I don't really know what a 'real' bite is supposed to feel like. But I'm still swollen so I'm not going to pass judgement just yet as to what it feels like. I know my muscles need to get used to the idea of a new bite just as much as i do! But I trust Dr B and he said everything fit together just the way they were supposed to in the operating room. I'll just have to be patient.

Tomorrow I have my first post-op appointment with Dr Bravman. I feel so bad that my breath stinks! I'm sure they are used it but, yikes. I tried to swoosh (more like put it in my mouth and roll my head around a bit) with some Peroxyl diluted with water yesterday. It was nice and minty but i couldn't really get it around the top of my mouth where it needs it the most!! But I'll give it another college try before we go tomorrow afternoon. At least they'll know I tried not to be stinky!


Erin said...

Does your splint go across the entire roof of your mouth? Mine covers up all my teeth but stops a little over the gum line so it doesn't cover the roof of my mouth. The roof of my mouth hurts and I'm not sure why. It just feels pressure I guess, but as far as I know, he didn't actually do anything with it.

Hope all goes well at the oral surgeon's!

Erin said...

I don't know where to bite either! This splint seems sort of half-assed. I'm trying not to bite because I don't think there's a right way yet (that I can feel) and it's not comfortable. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing though.

Erin said...

I got some Crest Pro Health mouthwash (it's alcohol free) and that has my mouth feeling a bit cleaner.

Let us know what happened at the appointment!

Roopak Majmudar said...

My splint was like Erin's - stopped at the gum line (even a little below the gum line since I could just touch behind my front teeth) and didn't cover the roof of my mouth.

If yours is like that too, I suggest placing your tongue in the gap between the roof of your mouth and your splint (behind your top front teeth) and then swishing the mouthwash through your front teeth.

Do it gently for the first couple of weeks. It really helped me keep food out of there and keep things clean.